The Inverness Darkroom 

A community black and white darkroom at Wasps Inverness Creative Academy in the centre of Inverness.

The Inverness Darkroom aims to:

  • provide year-round black and white darkroom access for members
  • provide regular analogue photography workshops
  • become a self-sustaining visual arts space

The darkroom has 8 enlarger bays with Durst and LPL enlargers from 35mm to medium and large format negatives, including a Devere 504 and Durst 5×4 enlargers. Timers, masking frames, focus scopes, processing trays etc. are all provided.
There are three large sinks for processing and print washing in the main darkroom,
There is a separate space and sink for film development.

Chemistry, paper and film

At this time, the darkroom provides basic processing chemistry for film and paper.
The Darkroom provides a suggested list of materials (incl. film and paper) and chemicals, and has stock available for purchase from Ag Photographic. Members are responsible for their own photographic paper and film.

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Who we are

The Inverness Darkroom is a community group run by Matt Sillars, Rachel Fermi and Brian McIntosh.

The Inverness Darkroom has been very generously supported by Wasps who have completely renovated the old Midmills darkrooms previously located in the building.

Darkroom and camera equipment has been kindly donated by a number of photography organizations across Scotland including Talk See Photography and The Old Printing Works, as well as a number of individuals. Inverness College UHI joinery and electrical departments and their 2018-19 students are generously donating their time expertise to setting up the working space.

Matt Sillars has many years experience teaching and lecturing in photography and initially set up the darkrooms when Inverness College occupied the Midmills building, headed the Art Department.

Rachel Fermi is a photographer and artist with over 15 years experience of teaching black and white darkroom photography to young people and adults.

Both Rachel and Matt are also directors of FLOW Photofest – an international festival celebrating photography in all its forms held biennially across the north of Scotland.

Please note that The Inverness Darkroom is run on a volunteer basis. All of the equipment and furnishings have been very generously donated, and the rent is being generously subsidized by Ag Photographic.  Please be respectful of other members’ / volunteers’ time and effort to make this possible – and, of course, all prices are subject to change.

All of the information, prices and arrangements may be subject to change as The Inverness Darkroom community grows and in light of any funding that might be secured. 

The Inverness Darkroom | Inverness Creative Academy | Midmills Building | Stephen’s Street | Inverness IV2 3JP