The Inverness Darkroom is a voluntary organisation which aims to:

  • provide a year-round darkroom facility for members
  • provide regular analogue photography workshops
  • become a self-sustaining visual arts space



The darkroom has 8 enlarger bays with Durst, LPL, and DeVere enlargers capable of handling negatives from 35mm to large format (5×4). All enlargers are equipped with timers, masking frames and focus scopes.  The wet area has an abundance of processing trays, timers, measuring cylinders, tongs and print washers and negative/print driers.

There are three large sinks for processing and print washing in the main darkroom, and a smaller separate space for film development.


Who we are:

The Inverness Darkroom was established in 2019 by Matt Sillars, Rachel Fermi and Brian McIntosh.

The Current Committee (Committee Roles and Holders from AGM, Oct 2023)




Matt Sillars


Anne Thomson

Finance Officer

Rachel Fermi

Membership Secretary

Gael Hillyard

Grants and Fundraising

Caitlin Prentice


Daniel Ferries

Social Media and Digital Marketing x 2

Evija Laivina

Anne Thomson

Website Manager

Rhys Campbell

Non office bearing committee members x 3

Anne Hodgson

Brian McIntosh

Shona Graham-Taylor

Our Supporters:

The Inverness Darkroom has been very generously supported by Wasps who have completely renovated the old Inverness College darkrooms previously located in the building, and by AG Photographic who have been sponsors of the darkroom since its inception.

Darkroom and camera equipment has been kindly donated by a number of photography organizations across Scotland, including Talk See Photography and The Old Printing Works, as well as a number of individuals.

Inverness College UHI joinery and electrical departments, and their 2018-19 students, generously donated their time and expertise in setting up the working spaces.